Presentation of Bills Act

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Presentation of Bills Act is a Liberalian Law.

[edit] The Bill


This bill is to clarify the manner in which a new bill may be written.

Article I Bills.

Clause 1: The title must be a descriptor of what the bill is intended to do. The title must be politically neutral, although it may refer to a region in it.

Clause 2: The bill must be divided into the following parts: preamble, articles, clauses, sections, amendments, repeals.

Section a: If it is not necessary to have any of those parts, then they may be left out.

Section b: The Speaker may edit the bill to fit into this format.

Clause 3: All bill sponsors must have regard to previous legislation and add amendments and repeals as and when necessary.

Section a: If this clause is not followed, the speaker may amend the bill to take account of this clause and/or the bill may be ruled as out of order.

Article II Amendments.

Clause 1: Amendments must be presented in such a way as to make it clear as to which bill and clause it refers to.

Clause 2: The amendment must be divided as follows. To present what the current wording in the bill is and to present what the new wording must be. This will enable anybody updating legislation to be able to replace the section quickly and easily.

Clause 3: If the bill is a straight amendment, the amendment must be presented as follows: Intent to amend a bill, section to be amended in current form, new wording of section

Section a: A straight amendment is defined as an amendment that is not within a bill

Article III Repeals

Clause 1: If a bill supersedes a previous bill, it must be stated that the previous bill is to be repealed.

Clause 2: If the bill is a straight repeal, the repeal must be divided as follows: Intent of the bill to repeal a previous law followed by the text of the law to be repealed.

Section a: A straight repeal is defined as an repeal that is not within a bill.

Repeal: Keep Parliament Tidy Act is henceforth repealed.

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